Zom 100 Episode 9 Review: Where Emotions Roam Free

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In Zom 100  Episode 9 invites us on an interesting journey that masterfully balances emotional depth with an air of intrigue, making it an engrossing addition to the series.

Note: This review does not contain any spoilers for Zom 100 Episode 9


The episode opens with Akira’s group nearing his hometown, promising a poignant reunion with his long-lost family. Shizuka, ever perceptive, notices the complex mix of emotions on Akira’s face as he prepares to reunite with his parents after a heart-wrenching three-year separation. This emotional tension becomes the driving force behind the episode, immediately captivating us and pulling them deeper into the narrative.

As the group approaches the village’s outskirts, they encounter an unexpected obstacle—truck vehicles blocking the entrance to a tunnel. Initially routine, Akira’s investigation unveils a chilling zombie infestation in the tunnel. The group’s shock raises unsettling questions: Did the villagers become the eerie threat?

Amidst this atmosphere of uncertainty, Akira’s revelation that he does not recognize any of the zombified individuals within the tunnel adds a compelling layer of mystery. Shizuka’s quick thinking and decisive actions, suggesting a daring forest route, make her a standout leader in the episode.

Akira assist Kumano - Zom 100
Image from Zom 100 Episode 9 by BUG FILMS (2023)

The forest journey introduces us to Masaru Kumano, a master carpenter seeking refuge in the wilderness. Here, the episode unveils a heartwarming dimension as Akira and Kumano bond over a shared dream—the construction of a treehouse. This touching scene highlights friendship and dream realization in a post-apocalyptic world.

Kumano imparts a profound lesson about connecting with the forest, mirroring Akira’s own contemplation of mindfulness and interconnectedness. This thematic depth adds a layer of meaning to the episode, allowing it to explore philosophical concepts that resonate with viewers.

However, the warmth of this scene is counterbalanced by Kumano’s heartbreaking confession about his son’s tragic fate. This emotional twist reminds us of sacrifices and the value of cherishing moments with loved ones.

The episode culminates in a heartwarming moment as the group, driven by Akira’s unwavering determination, successfully completes the construction of the treehouse. This achievement symbolizes hope, resilience, and new bonds in a challenging world, conveying a powerful message of determination.

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Yet, the narrative pivots to Akira’s primary mission: reuniting with his long-lost parents. The village itself becomes a backdrop for an emotional reunion, with scenes that are both poignant and deeply resonant. These moments underscore the importance of family bonds amidst the turmoil of the world.

Amidst the heartwarming reunions, the episode interjects sobering reminders that the world remains unpredictable. Akira’s father, Teruo Tendo, emphasizes vigilance amid joyous reunions, highlighting their complex reality.

In the later stages of the episode, an encounter with a survivor group from the city, led by Kanta Hagurashi, introduces an enigmatic and mysterious element. Hagurashi’s character adds intrigue, unveiling human complexities in the post-apocalyptic world.

Akira and his father - Zom 100
Image from Zom 100 Episode 9 by BUG FILMS (2023)

Personal Thoughts, Opinions, and Speculations:

  • Shizuka really steps up, suggesting a different path through the forest, and it shows how resourceful she can be.
  • The entry of Masaru Kumano brings a heartwarming touch to the episode, as they share a dream of building a treehouse.
  • Kumano’s poignant past story underscores the sacrifices people make in this unforgiving world, adding emotional depth to the narrative.
  • The villagers’ unexpected, amusing celebration inside a house surprises and adds a lighthearted twist.
  • Teruo Tendo’s advice to Akira sheds light on the clash between idealism and practicality.
  • Shizuka’s theory, confirmed by Akiko Tendo’s explanation of the tunnel’s zombie infestation, enriches the backstory.
  • Akira’s relatable moments of awkwardness and his struggle to make his parents happy during farm work highlight the intricate dynamics within families.
  • Kanta Hagurashi’s group introduces a mysterious, dark element, setting the stage for conflicts and moral dilemmas.
Hagurashi - Zom 100
Image from Zom 100 Episode 9 by BUG FILMS (2023)
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In summary, Zom 100 Episode 9 is a compelling installment that navigates the realms of emotional depth and suspense. It delves into themes of family, friendship, and resilience in a world marred by challenges. This episode’s intrigue and thought-provoking moments keep viewers eagerly anticipating more, a must-watch for fans.

Rating: (4.3/5 Stars)

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