Zom 100 Episode 6 Review: Surviving the Unthinkable

Akira, Kencho and Shizuka - Zom 100

Embarking on Zom 100 Episode 6, fans are in for a captivating ride that expertly balances intense emotions with pulse-pounding survival scenarios. The episode offers a poignant mix of personal triumphs and challenges within a post-apocalyptic setting, interwoven with intricate character connections.

Note: This review does not contain any spoilers for Zom 100 Episode 6


The episode commences on a high note, celebrating Akira’s achievement of a cherished personal goal alongside his steadfast companion Kencho. However, the elation is short-lived as the city grapples with shortages of essential resources like water and electricity. The escalating threat of zombies raises the stakes and propels the characters into a relentless struggle for survival, making every step a test of their wits and courage.

Amidst chaos, Akira’s pursuit of safety is overshadowed by the harsh reality around them. A starlit night triggers a touching flashback, effectively intertwining Akira’s past with the current situation. The decision to journey back to Gunma, his hometown, with Kencho, adds a layer of nostalgia and purpose to the unfolding narrative.

Akira acquired gold watch - Zom 100
Image from Zom 100 Episode 6 by BUG FILMS (2023)

As dawn breaks on the following day, Akira ventures out, and Kencho prepares supplies for their journey ahead, underscoring the gravity of their predicament. Akira’s ingenious idea of utilizing an RV for navigating the treacherous landscape offers a glimmer of hope. The re-entry of Shizuka, a reluctant yet crucial ally, propels the trio forward on their hazardous expedition.

The story gains momentum when the group stumbles upon a forgotten sanctuary of RVs. Distinct personalities shine through lively debates over the perfect vehicle, highlighting endearing quirks that create relatability.

The narrative takes an unexpected turn as a sudden zombie encounter interrupts their pursuit of safety, setting the stage for heart-pounding decisions and suspenseful sequences. The pacing remains relentless, capturing the urgency and uncertainty of their journey.

As the characters traverse the landscape, Akira’s observations about the unusually quiet highway add a layer of mystery and intrigue. Shizuka’s insightful explanation of the viral aggression driving the zombie horde brings a scientific depth to the narrative, making the series not just entertaining but thought-provoking.

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The glimmer of hope shines through Shizuka’s vision of a vaccine, igniting optimism in the face of adversity. Yet, the practicality of survival versus grand heroism remains a constant theme, grounding the story in realism and relatability.

The reappearance of Kosugi, Akira’s former boss, introduces moral complexities that will shape the characters’ choices moving forward. Flashbacks offer glimpses into their intricate history, leaving us intrigued by the challenges they face.

The episode takes a darker turn as Kosugi extends an offer, sparking tension and ethical debates among the characters. Supermarket scenes reveal prevailing authoritarian rule, contrasting with the characters’ hopeful outlook.

Amidst the turmoil, Shizuka’s compassionate nature shines as she tends to Kencho’s injuries, becoming a source of solace in a world fraught with danger.

Akira’s interactions with Kosugi anchor the episode, portraying his vulnerability in a way that resonates with the larger themes of the series. Kencho’s observations serve as a reflection of Akira’s inner turmoil, adding depth to their camaraderie.

Akira's group meets Kosugi's group - Zom 100
Image from Zom 100 Episode 6 by BUG FILMS (2023)

Personal Thoughts, Opinions, and Speculations:

  • Akira and Kencho have their hearts set on locating a secure haven, though they’re well aware that the road ahead won’t be a walk in the park. Zombies have become a common sight, making the world a considerably precarious place.
  • Shizuka proves to be an indispensable asset to the group, bringing her smarts and resourcefulness to the table. Her wealth of knowledge about viruses adds an extra layer of value.
  • Akira battles the lasting impact of Kosugi’s control, making him hesitant to assert himself. He’s in a bit of a quandary, unsure whom he can truly trust.
  • Shizuka seems to empathize with Akira’s fears, given her own prior experiences. She’s well-acquainted with the helplessness that stems from an inability to stand up for what’s right. Her intent is to aid him in overcoming these fears, recognizing that he needs to find his voice to thrive.
  • The encounter with Kosugi and his baseball-clad crew serves as a stark reminder that perilous individuals still roam the world.
  • After a series of events, the group ultimately arrives at Kosugi’s supermarket, a haven in the midst of the zombie-filled chaos. However, Kosugi wields a heavy hand, exacting rigorous labor in exchange for food and shelter.
  • The dawn of the zombie apocalypse brought irreversible change to the world, yet Akira, Kencho, and Shizuka are resolute in their pursuit of rebuilding. Their survivor spirits remain unbroken, as they cling to hope and refuse to give in.
Zombies as a equipment - Zom 100
Image from Zom 100 Episode 6 by BUG FILMS (2023)
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Zom 100 Episode 6 delivers a blend of emotions, expertly juggling moments of triumph and introspection. The evolving dynamics between the characters and the harsh reality of their environment create an interesting narrative tapestry. Every moment, whether action-packed or serene, adds depth to the narrative, building anticipation for future episodes and character development.

Rating: (4.2/5 Stars)

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