Undead Girl Murder Farce Episode 7 Review: When Deceit Meets Deduction

Tsugaru vs Lupin vs Reynold - Undead Girl Murder Farce

Undead Girl Murder Farce never fails to surprise and engage its audience, and the latest installment, Episode 7 is no exception. With a complex tapestry of alliances, revelations, and pulse-pounding action, this episode offers a mesmerizing rollercoaster ride that leaves viewers both enthralled and hungry for more.

Note: This review does not contain any spoilers for Undead Girl Murder Farce Episode 7


The episode begins with a riveting scene: the flooding of a chamber, an event that becomes a symbol of impending danger and urgency. In the midst of this predicament, the enigmatic character Fatima enters the stage, a member of Royce’s elusive agent team. As the trapped detectives struggle to escape the waterlogged chamber, Fatima’s arrival adds intrigue and expertise to the story.

Yet it’s Sherlock who remains the focal point, his razor-sharp deductions guiding the viewer through the chaos. As the waters recede, a stunning revelation emerges: the safe, housing a priceless diamond, has gone missing. The impeccable timing of these developments, intertwined with the narrative, infuses a palpable sense of urgency and intrigue.

Lupin's reveal - Undead Girl Murder Farce
Image from Undead Girl Murder Farce Episode 7 by Lapin Track (2023)

The episode takes an unexpected turn as Ganimard’s true identity is laid bare. Sherlock’s unyielding pursuit of the truth unearths a jaw-dropping twist: Ganimard is none other than the elusive master of deception, Lupin. Executing this revelation with finesse, it showcases Lupin’s extraordinary ability to stay several steps ahead, even of the sharpest minds.

The pursuit of the diamond evolves into an enthralling tug-of-war, drawing various factions into the spotlight. Aerial confrontations between Lupin, Tsugaru, and Reynold provide visually interesting sequences that underscore each character’s distinct skills and strategies. These sequences boast choreography that is a testament to the show’s commitment to delivering engaging action.

Introducing a new group led by Moriarty, the narrative gains an additional layer of depth. Aleister, Camilla, Victor, and Jack inject fresh dynamics into the story, expanding the narrative’s canvas and promising an array of intriguing future developments.

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Character development remains a driving force throughout the episode. Aya’s calculated risks and Phantom’s resourcefulness continue to evolve, adding layers to their characters and driving the narrative forward. Aya and Lupin’s garden exchange becomes pivotal, revealing Aya’s motives and deepening their complex relationship. Lupin’s initial underestimation of Aya adds depth to his character, exposing a vulnerability beneath his confident exterior.

The episode’s climax is an explosive crescendo of action and revelations. Conflicts between characters blur the lines between allies and adversaries, painting a vivid picture of the intricate web of alliances and rivalries. Phantom’s surprising actions introduce an element of unpredictability, paving the way for exciting plot developments.

As the episode concludes, lingering questions invite speculation. The emergence of Moriarty’s group and the fate of the diamond offer tantalizing threads for future episodes to explore. Undead Girl Murder Farce Episode 7 is a prime example of the series’ prowess in balancing intricate storytelling with emotional depth.

Aleister and Camilla - Undead Girl Murder Farce
Image from Undead Girl Murder Farce Episode 7 by Lapin Track (2023)

Personal Thoughts, Opinions, and Speculations:

  • I find it really fascinating how Sherlock managed to uncover Lupin’s disguise as Ganimard just by the sound of his footsteps. It truly highlights Sherlock’s keen observation skills and attention to detail.
  • Lupin’s unwavering confidence in his victory genuinely intrigues me, even without having the diamond yet. I can’t help but wonder if he has a clever strategy up his sleeve to reclaim it.
  • There’s a lingering curiosity in me about Phantom’s true identity and motives. Is he collaborating with Lupin, or does he have his own plans for the diamond’s heist?
  • The parallels drawn by Tsugaru between the ongoing events and the story of Goemon Ishikawa have piqued my interest. I’m left wondering if these parallels hold a clue to the deeper meaning of the story.
  • The unpredictability of the interactions between the characters adds an exciting layer to the narrative. Phantom’s betrayal of Lupin and the unexpected attack by Moriarty’s group on the mansion took me by surprise.
  • The episode’s skillful setup of various intriguing questions and conflicts has me eagerly anticipating their resolutions in the upcoming episode. I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing how these intricate threads will be woven together.
Shizuku - Undead Girl Murder Farce
Image from Undead Girl Murder Farce Episode 7 by Lapin Track (2023)
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In a landscape where loyalties are ever-shifting and motivations are multi-faceted, Undead Girl Murder Farce Episode 7 underscores the series’ dedication to delivering narratives that resonate. It’s an episode that encourages multiple viewings, igniting conversations about character dynamics and thematic undercurrents. With its intricate plot, captivating action, and well-drawn characters, Undead Girl Murder Farce continues to solidify its status as a trailblazer in the realm of storytelling.

Rating: (4.2/5 Stars)

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