Undead Girl Murder Farce Episode 10 Review: Beyond Silver Bullets

Tsugaru - Undead Girl Murder Farce

In Undead Girl Murder Farce Episode 10, we delve deeper into the village’s mysteries and its unsettling attacks on young women. Aya, our determined and inquisitive lead character, takes the reins once again as she relentlessly seeks to untangle the web of enigmas that shroud the community in darkness.

Note: This review does not contain any spoilers for Undead Girl Murder Farce Episode 10


The episode commences with a gripping exchange between Aya and the village mayor, setting the stage for a journey of discovery. Through their dialogue, we are tantalized with morsels of information that allude to the ominous forces at play. Aya’s revelation about Nadia, the mayor’s granddaughter, deepens our connection to the narrative.

What truly distinguishes this episode is the mayor’s perceptive observation of the potential preferences of the unknown assailant. The notion that the culprit might harbor a disconcerting inclination towards young women casts a palpable aura of unease over the story. Aya’s curiosity about hidden motives fuels our desire to explore the antagonist’s enigmatic psyche.

The Suspects - Undead Girl Murder Farce
Image from Undead Girl Murder Farce Episode 10 by Lapin Track (2023)

The mayor’s extensive knowledge about werewolves introduces an enthralling facet of the narrative. We are drawn into the rich lore surrounding these elusive creatures, with each revelation expanding our comprehension of their nature. The revelation that silver and holy water don’t work on the latest werewolves adds intrigue to the drama.

The mention of Kindsfuhrer, the ultimate werewolf born from generations of selective breeding, sparks anticipation about the potential impact of this formidable figure on the overarching story.

The mayor’s recall of an eight-year-old incident with werewolf outsiders hints at the village’s history. It serves as a compelling reminder that the past can cast long shadows over the present, leaving us pondering the echoes of bygone events.

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As the episode introduces new suspects, the intricate web of intrigue deepens, and character dynamics come to the forefront. The emotional journey of Cnut, from his serendipitous encounter with Rosa in the forest to the startling revelation about her and Jutte, adds layers of complexity to the narrative. It raises questions about the connections between these outsiders and the ongoing wave of unsettling attacks that plague the village.

Alma, the enigmatic artist with a shrouded past, brings yet another layer of depth to the story. Her talents and concealed background fuel speculation about her role in the unfolding mystery.

The sudden appearance of Royce agents Alice Rapidshot and Kyle Chaintail introduces an element of intrigue and uncertainty. Their motives, their affiliation with the ongoing investigation, and the impact they may have on the storyline become intriguing aspects of the unfolding narrative.

The episode’s climax delivers a heart-pounding spectacle. Alma’s shocking revelation and her subsequent transformation into a werewolf send shockwaves throughout the village. The ensuing chase scene is fraught with tension, with Aya, Tsugaru, and Shizuku relentlessly pursuing the elusive creature. Each moment tests their resolve and keeps us firmly engaged.

Waterfall - Undead Girl Murder Farce
Image from Undead Girl Murder Farce Episode 10 by Lapin Track (2023)

Personal Thoughts, Opinions, and Speculations:

  • I’m really curious about what’s driving the werewolf culprit. What could be their motive for targeting young women? Is it just for sustenance, or is there something more sinister at play here?
  • The legend of Kindsfuhrer has got my attention. It seems like this creature is incredibly powerful, and I can’t help but wonder if it’s the one causing all the trouble in the village.
  • I’m a bit worried about Shizuku, even though I don’t always see eye to eye. She took a tumble into the waterfall, and I genuinely hope she’s okay.
  • I’m quite intrigued by those Royce agents and their worst trust issues. What’s their agenda in the village? Are they here to lend a hand or throw a wrench into Aya and her team’s plans?
  • Aya’s direct approach to Alma regarding her family background makes it clear that she has suspicions about Alma.
  • Seeing Tsugaru struggle with the werewolf’s strength hints at a formidable foe.
Alma transforming - Undead Girl Murder Farce
Image from Undead Girl Murder Farce Episode 10 by Lapin Track (2023)
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Undead Girl Murder Farce Episode 10 weaves together elements of mystery, suspense, and character development. It maintains an irresistible allure, leaving us yearning for more as we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in this anime series.

Rating: (4.0/5 Stars)

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