Undead Girl Murder Farce Episode 1 Review: Mysteries and Battles Collide

Explore a world where history and the supernatural merge in Episode 1 of Undead Girl Murder Farce, set in Tokyo during the Meiji era of 1897 AD. This episode seamlessly blends action, mystery, and the paranormal, captivating us from beginning to end.

Note: This review does not contain any spoilers for Undead Girl Murder Farce Episode 1


Get ready for captivating battles between the brave “Oni Slayer” and the demonic Shokera as the episode begins. The animation captures the intensity and intricacies of each fight, immersing us in the heart-pounding action. The attention to detail and fluidity of the animation transport us to the historical era, adding an authentic touch to the visuals.

Beyond the thrilling combat, the episode introduces an intriguing twist when the Oni Slayer senses a mysterious presence nearby. This discovery sets in motion a captivating pursuit, leading to an encounter with a woman dressed in maid attire. Their gripping interactions create a suspenseful game of wits, brimming with intrigue and surprises, keeping us on edge.

Tsugaru Vs. Shizuku - Undead Girl Murder Farce
Image from Undead Girl Murder Farce Episode 1 by Lapin Track (2023)

Adding layers of mystery and depth to the story, the episode introduces Aya Rindo, a character shrouded in enigma. Aya’s presence raises questions about immortality and introduces an element of fascination and curiosity. As the Oni Slayer delves deeper into Aya’s secrets, the dynamics between the characters evolve, weaving an intricate tapestry of relationships and motivations.

Beyond its supernatural elements, this episode delves into profound themes of identity and inner turmoil. The Oni Slayer’s unique hybrid nature sparks internal conflict, offering a captivating exploration of his psyche. His journey to reconcile conflicting desires adds emotional depth to the story, drawing us into an ensnaring character study.

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The episode showcases attention to world-building, transporting us to the rich and immersive setting of Meiji era Tokyo. The artistry and animation better in capturing the historical ambiance, blending it with supernatural elements. The vibrant color palette, intricate character designs, and visuals elevate the viewing experience, immersing us in this enchanting world.

While this episode serves as an enticing introduction to the series, it leaves us craving answers without revealing major plot points. The complex web of mysteries, the allure of immortality, and the promise of enthralling battles lay the groundwork for an exciting journey ahead. As the episode concludes, a sense of anticipation lingers, leaving us anticipating the next chapter in this alluring tale.

Aya Rindo - Undead Girl Murder Farce
Image from Undead Girl Murder Farce Episode 1 by Lapin Track (2023)

Personal Thoughts, Opinions, and Speculations:

  • The Oni Slayer/Shinuchi Tsugaru is a fascinating character. He is clearly conflicted about his own mortality, and moreover, he seems to be drawn to death in a way that is both morbid and intriguing. What makes it even more interesting is that he is half human and half oni, granting him a unique perspective on the world. This aspect not only adds depth to his character but also makes him more complex.
  • I am curious to learn more about Aya Rindo. She is clearly a powerful being, and I am interested to see how she factors into the story. And also intrigued by Aya’s claim that she is immortal. This raises a lot of questions, such as how she became immortal and what it means for her.
  • I think the relationship between the Oni Slayer, Aya, and Shizuku is very interesting. They are all very different characters, but they are all drawn together by their shared circumstances.
  • I am also curious about the identity of the person who took Aya’s body. Additionally, it seems likely that this person is also responsible for the Oni Slayer’s condition, and I am eager to learn more about their motivations.
  • I’m excited of how the story will unfolds the next episodes. Will the Oni Slayer find a way to extend his life? Will Aya get her body back? And who is the fool with the cane?
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First Impressions:

From the very beginning, this anime episode wastes no time in immersing me into a world where supernatural creatures and historical settings coexist. The intense fight between the Oni Slayer and Shokera sets the stage for the action-packed narrative that follows. The introduction of a mysterious woman in maid attire adds an air of intrigue, and their subsequent encounter escalates into a thrilling battle with unexpected twists.

The dialogue exchanges are filled with suspense, as secrets and revelations unfold, keeping me on the edge of my seats. The complex nature of the Oni Slayer’s existence, being half human and half oni, raises questions about the limitations and consequences of his powers. The discussions surrounding immortality, personal desires, and the meaning of life contribute to the thought-provoking nature of the episode.

As the trio seeks refuge, the narrative takes a deeper dive into their motivations, giving me a glimpse of the intricate character dynamics and the potential for profound character development. This episode’s blend of action, mystery, and philosophical undertones leaves a lasting impression, paving the way for an engrossing anime series.

Tsugaru and Aya's hypothesis - Undead Girl Murder Farce
Image from Undead Girl Murder Farce Episode 1 by Lapin Track (2023)


With its action, intriguing encounters, and thought-provoking themes, this anime episode offers an engrossing viewing experience. The blend of supernatural elements, characters, and animation create a must-watch series for anime enthusiasts. Prepare to be transported to a world where oni slaying, immortality, and profound personal struggles converge. Embark on this thrilling journey that promises excitement, mystery, and a rich exploration of the human condition.

Rating: (4.3/5 Stars)

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