The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Episode 5 Review: When Hearts Flutter

Komura- The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses

“The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Episode 5” treats us to an endearing tale of young love and heartfelt emotions. The episode follows lovable characters Komura and Mie on a delightful journey, filled with charm, humor, and relatable moments that keep us engaged throughout.

Note: This review does not contain any spoilers for The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Episode 5


As the episode begins, we are introduced to Komura, who finds himself running an errand. Unaware of how significant the day would be, Komura stumbles upon a shop decorated with chocolate boxes, as Valentine’s Day approaches. He secretly wishes for chocolates from Mie, the girl he has a crush on.

The chemistry between Komura and Mie is evident from their first encounter. Mie, a charming and forgetful girl, often leaves her glasses behind, making her all the more endearing. As fate would have it, Mie overhears Komura’s heartfelt wish for chocolates, leading to some unexpected and amusing interactions that form the heart of the episode.

Komura & Mie in the supermarket- The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses
Image from The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Episode 5 by GoHands (2023)

Set on Valentine’s Day, the story gains sweetness and romance, providing the ideal backdrop for Komura’s inner struggles. We join him on an emotional rollercoaster as he grapples with confessing his feelings to Mie, sharing in his nervousness and excitement.

The episode’s brilliance lies in its ability to strike a balance between lighthearted humor and heartfelt moments. At the supermarket, comical relief ensues as the shop staff playfully intervene, saving Komura from awkwardness. These charming moments deepen the characters and make us root for their friendship to blossom further.

As the story unfolds, we witness the growth of Komura and Mie’s friendship, each interaction building upon their genuine care for one another. Their personalities complement each other beautifully, creating an interesting dynamic that draws us in.

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The animation and art style are still impressive, capturing the characters’ expressions and emotions in detail. Every subtle nuance of their feelings is beautifully conveyed, enhancing the episode’s emotional impact.

Furthermore, the voice acting brings the characters to life, immersing the audience in the heartfelt journey of Komura and Mie. Their sincerity and vulnerability make them relatable, evoking a sense of empathy and affection from the viewers.

As the episode concludes, we feel warmth and anticipation, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in Komura and Mie’s relationship. It’s a poignant reminder of the beauty of love and genuine connections, resonating with audiences of all ages.

Mie gives Komura a chocolate- The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses
Image from The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Episode 5 by GoHands (2023)

Personal Thoughts, Opinions, and Speculations:

  • The red decorations around Valentine’s Day seem to make Komura a bit anxious and uncomfortable. He’s a bit shy about expressing his feelings for Mie, so he tries to steer away from discussing the holiday.
  • Mie’s forgetfulness has become a running joke in the story. She often forgets her glasses, leading to some amusingly awkward situations. However, it also showcases her kindness and willingness to help others.
  • Mie’s offer to do anything Komura asked for was quite bold and unexpected. It really touched me, as it showed just how deeply she cares about him and how far she’s willing to go to make him happy.
  • Komura and Mie’s hesitation to confess their feelings speaks volumes about their genuine and sincere nature. They don’t want to rush into anything and want to ensure their feelings are reciprocated.
  • Azuma’s return gift of cookies to Mie definitely piqued my curiosity about their relationship and added an intriguing subplot.
  • The scene on White Day, where Mie asks Komura to stop her from eating too much chocolate, was both funny and heartwarming. It really showcased the trust and value she places in Komura’s opinion.
  • It was so heartwarming to see Mie open up and eat the bread Komura offered her. It seemed like she was starting to see him in a different light – not just as a friend, but as someone who genuinely cares about her well-being.
MIe - The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses
Image from The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Episode 5 by GoHands (2023)
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In The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Episode 5, we are treated to a heartwarming story that captures the essence of young love and the innocence of teenage emotions. The delightful moments and endearing character dynamics make it an absolute must-watch for romance genre fans. This episode leaves a lasting impression, evoking the pure joy and magical connections of love and friendship. It appeals to both seasoned romance enthusiasts and those seeking a heartwarming, feel-good episode.

Rating: (4.1/5 Stars)

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