Shangri-La Frontier Episode 7 Review: Leveling Up in Chaos

Sunraku's first practical training opponent - Shangri-La Frontier

In Shangri-La Frontier Episode 7, the narrative unfolds with a delicate touch, navigating between the realms of reality and virtual escapades. Viewers experience an immersive journey, delving into characters’ lives and plunging into a vibrant virtual world.

Note: This review does not contain any spoilers for Shangri-La Frontier Episode 7


The story takes flight through Rei’s lens, offering a nuanced exploration of her emotional landscape. Through animation and character interactions, the episode portrays Rei grappling with emotions, offering a relatable reflection on courage and vulnerability in matters of the heart.

As the narrative transitions to the virtual playground, we witness dynamic action sequences featuring Psyger-0, Sunraku, and Emul. The animation prowess shines through, delivering exhilarating battles that effortlessly blend the boundaries between the digital and real. Psyger-0’s strategic brilliance and Sunraku’s astute observations contribute to an atmosphere of suspense and excitement.

Psyger-0 - Shangri-La Frontier
Image from Shangri-La Frontier Episode 7 by C2C (2023)

Without delving into specific plot points, the episode introduces mysterious elements that add layers of intrigue without revealing key developments. Rabituza emerges as a pivotal setting, where characters converge in a delicate balance of celebration and impending challenges. The incorporation of in-game communication tools lends authenticity to the virtual environment, enhancing the narrative depth.

The journey continues as characters navigate the Vorpal Colosseum; a locale steeped in world-building. Emul’s guidance and Vysache’s directives set the stage for a series of engaging encounters, each designed to test Sunraku’s mettle. Practical training sequences weave character progression and suspense, ensuring a captivating viewing experience.

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The exploration of in-game mechanics, coupled with Sunraku’s growth, adds layers of complexity to the narrative. The integration of these elements into the overarching storyline enhances viewers’ understanding of the virtual realm’s intricacies, enriching the storytelling experience.

Amidst the action-packed sequences, the narrative returns to Rei’s introspection, adding a personal touch to the overarching plot. Her decision to send a friend request becomes a poignant thread, delicately weaving personal connections amidst the thrilling virtual escapades.

Sunraku dumbfounded - Shangri-La Frontier
Image from Shangri-La Frontier Episode 7 by C2C (2023)

Personal Thoughts, Opinions, and Speculations:

  • Rei’s admiration for Rakuro shines through as she consistently observes his day-to-day activities. Her attempts to strike up conversations reveal a budding interest, but her hesitancy suggests a touch of shyness or perhaps a bit of insecurity.
  • Psyger-0 steps in just in the nick of time to save Sunraku and Emul from their assailants, though her intentions remain a bit of a mystery. Sunraku’s suspicions add a layer of intrigue to their interactions, keeping viewers on their toes.
  • The aftermath of Animalia’s powerful magic and Arthur’s sudden disappearance creates a whirlwind of chaos and uncertainty. Sunraku’s nimble escape amidst the confusion showcases his resourcefulness and quick thinking in the face of adversity.
  • Emul lays out a challenging task for Sunraku’s unique scenario: defeating ten monsters using only Vorpal weapons. Sunraku’s determination to overcome this obstacle is fueled by a personal incentive – the desire to defeat Arthur.
  • Sunraku’s repeated setbacks against the practical training opponents shed light on the demanding nature of his task. The gradual increase in his level and sudden fixation on his Vorpal Soul Collar hint at an upcoming transformation, adding an element of anticipation.
  • Vysache’s unexpected entrance and the introduction of the Aberrant Woodmage as Sunraku’s final opponent raise the stakes and promise an intense battle. The monster’s formidable level and unrelenting attacks suggest a challenge that Sunraku will need to face head-on.
Vysache - Shangri-La Frontier
Image from Shangri-La Frontier Episode 7 by C2C (2023)
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Shangri-La Frontier Episode 7 stands as a testament to good storytelling, effortlessly blending the real and virtual worlds. The attention to character nuances, strategic world-building, and the delicate interplay of emotions contribute to an interesting viewing experience. As the narrative unfolds, viewers will find themselves eagerly anticipating the next installment, poised on the brink of an enthralling journey within this richly imagined anime universe.

Rating: (4.2/5 Stars)

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