Megumi no Daigo Episode 9 Review: Saving Grace

Daigo and Asahina - Megumi no Daigo

In Megumi no Daigo Episode 9, the rescue squad finds itself in the midst of a challenging mission to drain water from a basement, weaving a narrative tapestry of tension and heroism. The storytelling unfolds with a focus on character dynamics, bringing forth the strengths and vulnerabilities of each team member.

Note: This review does not contain any spoilers for Megumi no Daigo Episode 9


Shun and Igarashi take center stage as they spearhead the effort to siphon water, infusing the scene with palpable urgency. Shun’s quick thinking and Igarashi’s determination create riveting teamwork amid the relentless throb of the siphoning pump, heightening the sense of danger.

Shun - Megumi no Daigo
Image from Megumi no Daigo Episode 9 by Brain’s Base (2023)

A standout moment is Shun’s resourcefulness, using the current to anchor sheets, showcasing ingenuity and adding authenticity to his character. The camaraderie among squad members, particularly the watchful eyes of Igarashi and Yamagami, contributes to the emotional depth of the episode. Yamagami’s commendation of Shun’s instincts serves as a testament to the characters’ evolving dynamics.

Integrated flashbacks provide valuable insight into past discussions, enriching the storyline without revealing major plot points. Yamagami’s conscience and the decision to recruit Shun add layers to the narrative, promising future character development and revelations.

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The episode expertly navigates between past and present, offering glimpses into the characters’ backgrounds and mysterious encounters. These moments captivate without betraying significant plot twists, maintaining an air of intrigue that keeps viewers engaged and eagerly anticipating each turn of events.

In present events, tension peaks as Shun faces a personal struggle, injecting urgency and sacrifice into the narrative. Scenes of Daigo’s preparations and Igarashi’s actions deliver satisfying payoffs, showcasing attention to detail in animation and direction.

Yamagami and Amakasu - Megumi no Daigo
Image from Megumi no Daigo Episode 9 by Brain’s Base (2023)

Personal Thoughts, Opinions, and Speculations:

  • Shun’s clever thinking and unwavering commitment shine in this high-stakes rescue mission. His knack for adapting to the situation and using the current to his advantage showcases his creative problem-solving skills.
  • In a heartwarming flashback chat with Amakasu, Yamagami’s genuine concern for Daigo’s well-being is apparent. He recognizes the heavy burden of Daigo’s past trauma and aims to offer support and guidance.
  • Shun’s willingness to endure discomfort and potential danger to save the victims underscores his selflessness and dedication to his role as a rescuer. His actions truly embody the spirit of courage and sacrifice.
  • The contrast between Shun’s unconscious state and Daigo’s active rescue builds palpable tension and anticipation. Viewers are left eagerly wondering how Shun’s condition might influence the ongoing rescue mission.
  • The flashback to Daigo’s drowning experience unveils a profound trauma that has significantly shaped his life and motivations. His connection to the suffering of the victims adds an extra layer of complexity to the unfolding rescue operation.
  • The mysterious man’s appearance in Daigo’s past and his subsequent mission to become a rescuer hint at a touch of destiny or divine intervention in Daigo’s life.
  • Igarashi’s readiness to open the basement door reflects trust in Daigo’s leadership and confidence in the rescue operation’s success.
  • The themes of courage, sacrifice, and the pursuit of justice strike a personal chord with readers, resonating deeply on an emotional level.
Asahina Daigo - Megumi no Daigo
Image from Megumi no Daigo Episode 9 by Brain’s Base (2023)
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In Megumi no Daigo Episode 9, the storytelling prowess remains a standout feature, making this episode a compelling watch. Shun’s heroic efforts and Daigo’s mysterious past contribute to the episode’s impact, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating the next installment in this enthralling series.

Rating: (4.1/5 Stars)

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