Liar Liar Episode 7 Review: Alliances and Intrigue Unleashed

Hiroto with Shirayuki and Akizuki - Liar Liar

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of intricate alliances, heart-pounding confrontations, and profound character growth with Liar Liar Episode 7. In this episode, the anime skillfully intertwines a tapestry of emotions, strategic intrigue, and unexpected revelations that will hold your attention from start to finish.

Note: This review does not contain any spoilers for Liar Liar Episode 7


At the heart of this episode lies a remarkable partnership between Hiroto and Akizuki. Their unlikely alliance, born from a history fraught with tension, adds a layer of complexity that’s both compelling and heartwarming. The narrative weaves together their pasts and motivations, allowing their collaboration to shine as they face new challenges.

Prepare for an exhilarating rollercoaster as Headmaster Kurahashi’s role in recent events is unveiled. This revelation catapults the story into uncharted territory, ratcheting up the tension and suspense. Kurahashi’s motives remain enigmatic, leaving us speculating about the depths of his machinations. The ensuing confrontations promise to be a highlight of the episode, raising the stakes to new heights.

Inter-Academy Battle Participants - Liar Liar
Image from Liar Liar Episode 7 by Geek Toys (2023)

A standout moment arrives during the all-campus elimination battle, where Headmistress Ichinose’s impassioned declaration sets the stage for a series of revelations. The unveiling of the survivors triggers anticipation, with the ace selection announcement looming large. However, it’s Akizuki’s heartfelt confession that steals the spotlight, demonstrating her growth as a character and evoking a strong emotional connection.

While the episode explores profound themes, it also strikes a delicate balance with moments of lightheartedness. Hiroto and Sarasa’s clandestine meeting introduces a dash of playfulness, underscoring their camaraderie amidst the turmoil. A unique ability shop sequence infuses the narrative with whimsy, allowing the characters’ personalities to shine through in delightful ways.

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As the inter-academy battle draws near, the strategic gathering offers a glimpse into the hurdles on the horizon. With the entry of fresh contenders like Asamiya and Enomoto, intriguing dynamics come into play, hinting at potential alliances and rivalries. The stage is now set for a tactical clash that’s bound to enrapture viewers.

Concluding with a stunning revelation, the episode leaves us hungry for more. The unexpected twist raises questions that demand answers, igniting our curiosity for the episodes to come. The anime continues in its ability to meld character arcs, intricate plotting, and unforeseen developments.

Hiroto and Sarasa handshake - Liar Liar
Image from Liar Liar Episode 7 by Geek Toys (2023)

Personal Thoughts, Opinions, and Speculations:

  • Hiroto and Akizuki teaming up to expose Headmaster Kurahashi took real bravery. Facing someone so powerful and standing up to them required incredible courage.
  • Akizuki’s confession and apology were reassuring to witness. Her struggle with guilt was evident, and it’s a relief that she found some solace by coming clean.
  • Hiroto’s maturity and compassion are really commendable. Instead of rubbing in Akizuki’s defeat, he chose to offer understanding and support, which says a lot about his character.
  • The inter-academy battle seems like a turning point for Hiroto and the group. This is their chance to showcase their capabilities and prove themselves on a larger stage.
  • Asamiya and Enomoto’s dynamic intrigues me. Their complex history is a mystery, and I’m eager to see how their interactions will shape the course of the battle.
  • Shirayuki’s invitation for Hiroto and Sarasa to share a bath was a thoughtful gesture. It provided a chance for them to unwind and strengthen their bond after a challenging day.
  • The appearance of a third Sarasa Saionji raises intriguing questions. Is she an ally or a potential adversary? Unraveling her intentions and any connection to the other Sarasa is something I’m definitely looking forward to discovering.
Enomoto wants the commander role - Liar Liar
Image from Liar Liar Episode 7 by Geek Toys (2023)
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Liar Liar Episode 7 is fused of emotions, strategic elements, and evolving character relationships ensures an immersive viewing experience. As we eagerly await the next chapter and the growth of our beloved characters.

Rating: (4.3/5 Stars)

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