Liar Liar Episode 11 Review: ASTRAL Alliance

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In Liar Liar Episode 11, we’re once again transported into the high-stakes world of the ASTRAL game, where Hiroto takes the spotlight with his triumphant return. By his side are his steadfast companions: Shirayuki, Akizuki, Asamiya, and Enomoto. However, not everyone greets Hiroto’s comeback with open arms, as Kurahashi harbors a determined resolve to obstruct his path at any cost.

Note: This review does not contain any spoilers for Liar Liar Episode 11


The episode sets the stage with Hiroto’s team skillfully orchestrating alliances with a diverse array of academies, including Suisei, Ouka, Oumi, Murakano, and Souken. These strategic partnerships have endowed them with a numerical advantage. Facing them is a formidable adversary, students from Seijo, Shinra, Otowa, Saint Rosalia, and Tsuyuri academies, armed with superior firepower.

A pivotal revelation emerges as Hiroto unveils the presence of an enigmatic player, Miss Hundred Faces. This unauthorized participant employs unscrupulous methods to manipulate the game’s mechanics, boasting an impressive 999 life points and the uncanny ability to alter game settings at will. Miss Hundred Faces presents an unparalleled challenge, with Hiroto pinning hopes on Kururugi’s one-shot kill ability and strategic alliances.

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The episode navigates the intricate dynamics of the ASTRAL game, spotlighting the distinctive abilities and strategic prowess of each participating academy. Hiroto and his team’s tactical brilliance takes center stage as they traverse this complex terrain, expertly ratcheting up the tension and stakes.

Throughout the episode, we are treated to spectacular displays of teamwork and strategic genius from Hiroto’s group. Shirayuki’s unwavering precision, Enomoto’s ingenious employment of the lightning rod ability, and Asamiya’s resourceful utilization of “Cornered” inject layers of intrigue into the narrative. The interplay among these characters brings depth and complexity to the story, making it a delight for fans.

Character development plays a significant role as Kururugi joins forces with Hiroto’s team, injecting her unique perspective into the unfolding drama. This dimension adds depth and intrigue, leaving us pondering the motivations and ethical dilemmas faced by these characters.

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A standout feature of the episode lies in its inventive use of abilities, exemplified by Kirigaya’s “Compound Upgrade” and Hiroto’s imaginative spell combinations. The action sequences are visually stunning, marked by fierce battles fueled by the stark power disparities among various abilities. These encounters keep us enthralled and perched on the edge of their seats.

The episode explores the moral quandaries confronting its characters, showcasing the human aspects of the conflict amidst the high-stakes game. Hiroto’s heartfelt plea to Kururugi underscores these poignant moments, highlighting the humanity at the core of the struggle.

As the episode progresses, alliances shift, and unexpected developments keep us on the edge of their seats, heightening the narrative’s unpredictability and suspense. It becomes an engrossing rollercoaster ride as viewers grapple with uncertainties surrounding the outcome of the ASTRAL game.

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Personal Thoughts, Opinions, and Speculations:

  • I’m really eager to witness how Hiroto’s team plans to overcome the seemingly invincible Miss Hundred Faces. It’s a tough challenge, but I’m confident they’ll brainstorm some ingenious strategies.
  • It’s truly fascinating to see Hiroto rallying so many allies to take on Miss Hundred Faces. It speaks volumes about his leadership skills and the respect he commands among fellow players.
  • I’m genuinely intrigued about Hiroto’s secret plan to outsmart Miss Hundred Faces. There’s an air of mystery around it, and I can’t wait to see it unfold.
  • I’m thrilled that Hiroto managed to persuade Kururugi to join forces with him. With her incredible abilities, Kururugi could be an invaluable addition to Hiroto’s team.
  • Kirigaya remains an enigmatic figure. He’s undeniably skilled, but his unpredictable nature keeps us guessing.
  • It’s truly disheartening to witness Shirayuki’s elimination, along with others. She was an integral part of Hiroto’s team, and her absence leaves a void.
  • As the final day of the game draws near, my curiosity knows no bounds. Can Hiroto outwit the enigmatic Miss Hundred Faces? Will Sarasa persevere through the trials that lie ahead? The excitement is nearly overwhelming!
Sarasa and Kururugi - Liar Liar
Image from Liar Liar Episode 11 by Geek Toys (2023)
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Liar Liar Episode 11 delivers an amalgamation of strategic warfare, character development, and intricate plot twists. It maintains viewer engagement from start to finish, leaving them eagerly anticipating the impending epic showdown in the ASTRAL game in the next episode.

Rating: (4.2/5 Stars)

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