Hametsu no Oukoku Episode 2 Review: The Rising Tension

Adonis - Hametsu no Oukoku

In Hametsu no Oukoku Episode 2, fans of the series are in for an experience filled with heart-pounding moments and intriguing plot developments. The episode kicks off with an attention-grabbing awakening that sets the stage for a series of enthralling encounters.

Note: This review does not contain any spoilers for Hametsu no Oukoku Episode 2


As Adonis makes his dramatic escape from confinement, the prison is thrown into chaos, and the prison personnel are faced with an unforeseen challenge. Doroka’s involvement in these high-stakes events adds depth to the unfolding narrative, drawing us into the emotional rollercoaster.

Meanwhile, behind closed doors at the National Security Bureau, Senior Executive Yamato assigns Executive Eekhout to address an escalating crisis at Precinct 7’s Internment Camp, where prisoners attempt escape. This choice not only injects suspense into the storyline but also piques the curiosity of the audience. We remain pondering the complex web of circumstances that surround this development.

Executive Yamato - Hametsu no Oukoku
Image from Hametsu no Oukoku Episode 2 by Yokohama Animation Lab (2023)

The narrative also delves into the enigmatic circumstances surrounding Doroka’s access to a highly secured facility. This aspect adds a captivating layer of mystery, leaving the audience with unanswered questions. The facility, notably, houses a long-term prisoner with an SS threat level, adding an element of gravity to the plot.

The episode features several stunning moments as Adonis showcases his magical abilities. The utilization of ‘Gaine,’ written-style summoning magic, heightens the suspense and prepares the stage for the compelling events that follow.

Eekhout’s actions at the internment camp contribute to the episode’s rising intensity, as we witness the consequences of his choices. Adonis’s relentless rampage with the colossal rock giant ‘Grande’ promises an action-packed spectacle.

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Doroka’s unwavering determination and heroism come to the forefront as she performs a brave rescue, showcasing her character’s depth. The episode offers more than just action; it delves into character development and moral dilemmas, making it a thought-provoking installment that adds layers to the narrative.

As Adonis continues to disrupt the city, the viewers are left on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the unfolding drama. Doroka’s efforts to reason with him lead to an unexpected and tense turn of events, leaving us hungry for more answers in future episodes.

The Giant - Hametsu no Oukoku
Image from Hametsu no Oukoku Episode 2 by Yokohama Animation Lab (2023)

Personal Thoughts, Opinions, and Speculations:

  • Adonis’ awakening and escape from the internment camp mark a significant turning point in our story. It sets the stage for a clash between him and the human authorities, as well as a conflict brewing between him and Doroka.
  • Eekhout’s actions have me quite intrigued and shrouded in mystery. He unmistakably comes across as a driven and ambitious individual, but what’s driving him remains enigmatic. Is he operating for personal gain, or is he carrying out orders from a higher source?
  • Yamato’s role in this web of events is something I’m curious about. Is he Eekhout’s superior, or is he orchestrating everything from behind the scenes?
  • Speaking of relationships, I’m quite interested in the dynamic between Adonis and Doroka. Can they put their differences aside and join forces to bring Chloe back?
  • The Emperor’s ailment raises a few ponderings. Could it be a form of divine retribution for his past actions, or does it symbolize the empire’s internal struggles?
  • The notion of resurrecting Chloe brings forth an array of ethical dilemmas. Is it morally acceptable to bring someone back from the dead, even if they wished for it? And would the resurrected individual truly be the same as the one who passed away?
  • The story delves into the profound themes of revenge, forgiveness, and redemption. Adonis is on a quest for vengeance in response to Chloe’s tragic death, while Doroka believes that true healing can only come through forgiveness. These complex themes are at the heart of our narrative.
Doroka - Hametsu no Oukoku
Image from Hametsu no Oukoku Episode 2 by Yokohama Animation Lab (2023)
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Hametsu no Oukoku Episode 2 strikes a balance between heart-racing action, character depth, and intriguing mysteries, all against a backdrop of animation and voice acting. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions and suspense, making it a must-watch for devoted fans of the revenge genre. The episode leaves us with a blend of anticipation and excitement, eager to explore the intricacies of the plot and the characters in the episodes to come.

Rating: (4.1/5 Stars)

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